Vision and Mission


Modern and latest technology will be increasingly used for strengthening the system of internal security, effective law enforcement and swift detection of crime. For speedy trials and delivery of justice, including executive magistrate courts and various tribunals and legal institutions in the state will be computerized with online case filing, processes, video-conference production of victim and witnesses and online tracking of cases.

Certified copies of judgments will also be available online. The criminal justice administration system will be integrated through automated process.

Efforts to strengthen community policing and assistance to victims & protection to witnesses shall be made. Initiative will be taken to separate and consolidate the two main functions of policing, namely, the investigation and the law & order wing.

A new traffic management and passenger safety system based on modern technology will be developed for cities of the state and highways. The State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA), District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMAs) and the State Disaster Emergency Response Force (SDERF) including Civil Defence and Home Guards shall be strengthened. Continuously improve the quality of police through strengthening of the infrastructure and training, including in areas of counter-insurgency, extremist activities, communal, anti-terrorism, cyber & high tech crime and organized crime.


Timely delivery of citizen centric services by cutting down the transaction time, use of technology and IT tools for expanding access to these services, and a continuing emphasis on transparency, can contribute to a win-win situation for all stakeholders. The state has enjoyed an uninterrupted spell of good policing. The way-ahead is to modernize the policing function, upgrade the infrastructure, and deploy technology, more than ever before, to address the emerging challenges.

Two fundamental areas that shall receive attention, in addition to meeting the initiatives in all other departments, are the modernization efforts through the use of technology in the enforcement of law & order, and in the land revenue administration.